Known for its beautiful landscape, the Mucuripe Beach has many stories to tell. There are theories that claim that the Spanish navigator Vicente Pinzon would have contributed on the beach in 1500, even before Pedro Alvares Cabral had discovered Brazil.

Located at the end of Beira Mar Avenue, a striking feature of the site are several rafts that are part of the scenery, and home to the livelihood of many fishermen living in the region. At certain times you can see them leaving in their rafts toward the sea, to seek the support of their families. Fishing communities that resist the urban developments and preserve their local culture. The Mucuripe Beach is marked to preserve the essence of traditional fishing in Fortaleza.

For visitors, there are numerous leisure options. The boardwalk is great for hiking, among the tall coconut trees and blocks of free sports for the use of the community and visitors. Several tents scattered on site offer the possibility of desopilar drinking coconut water on the sea front. The Fish Market complete the options, and offers rich variety of fish, seafood and shellfish for an affordable price and the genuine taste of Ceará cuisine. Local, run trips sailing ships offer passengers the unique experience of be dazzled by the beauty of the city from a different point.

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