One of the hallmarks holiday in Fortaleza, no doubt, are its beautiful beaches. Who comes to capital can choose from a wide range of options, from the waters of the coast. Let us introduce you to two beaches, both located in the city.

Future Beach

One of the most famous beaches of Ceará, Future Beach is one of the most popular sites among tourists visiting the city. Located just 6 miles from the city center, easy access just an extra bonus. The beach waters are among the most suitable for bathing in the capital, and strong waves attract many surfers. When the tide is low, they are formed small pools that make the joy of children. The beach is known for being busy and is always very crowded. In his eight kilometers long, beach stalls offer visitors comfort , relaxation and cuisine typically Ceará. Some have different infrastructure with craft shops, swimming pools, water slides, massage up to the beauty salon. At night, the buzz continues with shows and live music in tents and beach bars.

Iracema Beach

Known to be one of the most attractive points of the city, Praia de Iracema is the right destination for tourists from all over. After all, who will resist the invitation to stroll the boardwalk Beira Mar Avenue and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea in front of the beautiful buildings that mark the postcards of the city? Formerly known as the Fish Beach, the site was renamed in 1930 after a contest to honor the renowned writer Ceará José de Alencar and one of its main creations: Iracema. The author’s works told many of the traditions of the Indians and at the sea, even many streets have names of indigenous tribes. So this point in the city in addition to attracting for its natural beauty is a rich historical and cultural heritage, named as a “Relevant Well of Cultural Interest”. On boardwalk beach huts offer leisure, bridges provide a beautiful view of the sunset and the boardwalk is great for family walks and tours. So who visits the space can, but relax, enjoy much of the origin and identity of the land of the sun.