If you plan to spend your holiday in Fortaleza know that the city has several important sights. Here we will highlight two that are situated in the city center, and carry with them much of the culture and architectural features that have been preserved from the past decades and is now filled with beauty the eyes of visitors to both sites.

Theatre José de Alencar


In front of the theater it is already possible to be dazzled by the beautiful and striking architectural site structure. Listed as cultural heritage and more than a century old and has already undergone several reforms, the theater follows impeccable preserving its main characteristics. The facade in art nouveau style, the imported metal frame of Scotland, and the stained glass in different colors help to form the identity of the space and make it what it is: one of the finest cultural facilities of the city. The architecture is eclectic, as well as the vast artistic and socio-cultural programming. The space brings culture, art, education and information to society. The theater stage has experienced beautiful presentations of various styles. Its annexes equipment are also responsible for cultural diffusion. The main room, also in art nouveau style, houses 800 seats in its three floors. Another strong point of the place, is its garden which was designed by one of the leading landscape of the country, Burle Marx. Visiting the theater, monitors accompany you on a guided tour featuring the space with all its details and peculiarities.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza


Another historical monument located in the city center, worth mentioning is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza. The church is the third largest in the country, and is able to host five thousand people. But what draws attention to her is her grand architectural presence, with eclectic style and gothic and romantic elements. The cathedral took forty years to be built, and the work was signed by French architect George Mounier. From a distance one can see its towers 75 meters high, housing the bells badalam today. Beautiful stained glass windows make up the structure of the cathedral and depict Bible passages, saints and relevant ecclesiastical characters. As well as other cathedrals, the fortress has crypt, and she is dedicated to youth since opening. So they are honored at the altars saints who died in adolescence. The image of Jesus still young, is on the central altar of the crypt. Some renovations have renewed the structure of the site, and added decorative components. They were included to LED lamps to improve lighting outside the Cathedral. Unique and authentic features, make it one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the country, and one of the main sights of Fortaleza.

In the next post, we will bring some more sights so you can plan your holiday in Fortaleza.